Tendler Cellular was formed in 1996 to adapt GPS and speech chip technology to cell phones so that with the touch of a 911 button a verbal emergency message "tells" the police or EMTs the location of a stricken individual.

The FoneFinder™ system offers a universal, no-infrastructure, instantly deployable and inexpensive solution to the cellular 911 problem in which there are over 20 million cellular 911 calls a year in the U.S.. According to both APCO (Association of Public Safety Communications Officers) and NENA (The National Emergency Numbers Association) it takes on average at least ten minutes to locate a cellular caller, even if they think they know where they are.

Tendler Cellular provides a chip set which is integrated into a cell phone along with a GPS receiver to provide help fast. The FoneFinder chip sets are due to be available in Audiovox and Nokia cell phones: and integrated into hands free cradle kits for Motorola flip phones. The technology was originally developed for the boating market when the inventor Bob Tendler joint ventured with Shakespeare, Inc. to provide a Mayday mike marine VHF radio. In response to a request from the Coast Guard, Tendler Cellular developed a FoneFinder chip set that would adapt a cellular phone to provide the synthetic voice emergency signaling offered by the Mayday Mike Version.

The urgent request came from the Coast Guard in view of the massive use of cellular phones by boaters , and because the Coast Guard had no way of locating the emergency calls from the boating public.